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Be More Keanu

$ 19.95
Type: Book
Hardcover - Humor Book /Celebrity & Popular Culture. The last few years have marked a "Keanaissance." Keanu has inspired countless memes from as far back as 2010 when the internet shed a tear about "Sad Keanu" sitting alone on a park bench eating a sandwich, and pronounced June 15th official "Cheer Up Keanu" day. 2019 brought even more joy with a video of Keanu with puppies alongside other uplifting sightings. This black and white illustrated gift book shows us what makes Keanu so special. Alongside quotes, jokes and illustrations, each chapter looks at different iterations of Keanu, for example, The Friend, The Pioneer, The Rockstar and The Guru. We get inside Keanu’s questing spirit: what friendship means in Bill and Ted; communing with nature in Point Break; and, in The Matrix, tearing through dimensionality itself. And IRL Keanu’s a free spirit too.

• Made in United States