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Jason Feather

Founding partner, CEO

Took his first screen printing class Freshman
year in high school.

Was in a touring band that received
two San Diego Music Awards.

Paints murals for clients all across the United States.

Javi Nunez

Founding partner, Press Operator, Production Manager

Is a published author.

Has had the same cell phone
number since high school.

Has two black cats.

Jason Acton “aka STU”

Pre-Production manager

Is a color blind artist.

Is a thrashing snowboarder.

Is a self proclaimed speed walking champion.

Cody Phillips

Pre-Production associate

Rides Motorcycles.

Usually has pink hair.

Listens to folk punk music.

Kacey Jachowicz

Press Operator

Grew up on the East Coast in New Hampshire.

Really likes to traveling, went to Japan last year.

Big into nerd shit like D&D, Baldur’s gate 3, etc.

Cassandra Feather

Customer Relations, Book keeper

Has extra bones.

Doesn’t like French fries.

Reads 2-4 books simultaneously