Order Guidelines

AKA Screen Printing

When ordering custom garment printing please provide us with the following information and art files. This will ensure you will receive the highest quality print for your design.


Garment Details:

  • What would you like us to print on? You can either provide the garments or we can order them at wholesale pricing.
  • What color garment?
  • What sizes and quantities?


Design Details:

Illustrator: Vector files are preferred when possible; they provide a much cleaner print especially noticed in small details.

  • Set the color mode to RGB
  • Create your design at the size you want printed.
  • Make sure all fonts are converted to curves. Why?…Well most likely your design will use a font that we may not have, so when we open your file your text will default to a different font thus changing your design.
  • Save as an ai (CS3 or older), eps, or pdf.


Photoshop: Because Photoshop creates pixel based files it is important to create your design correctly from the start.

  • Set the color mode to RGB.
  • Set the DPI to 300
  • The canvas should be sized to the print size you want or larger. You can shrink a larger image and still get a clean print but if you enlarge a pixel file your will not get a good looking print. Sizing can be tricky considering you will most likely be printing on a number of different sized garments. Also if you are printing a small ladies cut tee and a Xlarge Mens tee you will most likely need to have 2 sets of print files, one sized for the Womens tees and one larger size for Mens. As a rule of thumb most Womens designs max at around 9” wide and most Mens max at around 11”. Again sizing is all based on style and how you want it to look.
  • Rasterize all fonts.
  • Save your layered file as a psd. A jpeg is also acceptable but a psd if preferred.


Layout proof:

Please provide us with a mockup of your design laid over an image of a garment to illustrate how you want your design sized and where you want it placed, (ie large print on the front and a small print on the right sleeve). Please save layout proofs as jpeg’s.